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MOS - Transcription Pricing

While transcription pricing is important, MOS strives to go beyond. Flexibility and Win-Win are major components of our pricing structure. At MOS, we provide professional transcription service for all industry segments including legal, general, and business.

Our transcription services are available at a price that will ensure you savings of 30% to 40%. We offer attractive discounts for volume transcription orders. We will consider all your unique requirements to arrive at the right transcription rates for you.

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Transcription Pricing


Transcriptions can be done within the United States or internationally according to the requirements of each client. (There will be pricing implications). We strive to be fair and flexible, creating a win-win scenario. We are open and transparent in our negotiations.

Many variables will impact our pricing strategy. These include:

  • Volume
  • Specialty requirements
  • Quality of audio type
  • Turnaround time
  • Types of dictation methods

We generally charge our customers on a per line basis, but we are open to per character, per page.

  • We follow AAMT guideline 65 character line billing.
  • We do not charge for headers, footers, underlining or bolding.

Please use our savings calculator to understand exactly what you are paying and what you could save by using our services. We will be happy to provide you with a price quote. The best way is for you to send us an e-mail with your requirements and/or go to our quote page.

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We look forward to talking with you and understanding more about your requirements. For more information, call our toll free number: 1-800-670-2809.