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Collections Soar with Our Reliable Medical Coding Support

Managed Outsource Solutions, a recognized and reliable BPO (business process outsourcing) company in the US, offers complete assistance for all medical coding and billing processes. We are known to deliver with amazing accuracy and within tight deadlines. Our client, medical billing company, is located in Kentucky. The company specializes in revenue cycle optimization, practice management and private practice business support covering obstetrics, chiropractics, business consulting and more. Their services include Meaningful Use Certified Electronic Solutions, HIPAA and CMS solutions which are delivered in real time.


The medical billing company was a rapidly growing one. Though this was something to be happy about, the owner of the company was worried because of their inability to keep up with the current workflow. They needed a third party to help them complete all their coding projects.


Regarding coding, the correct medical codes make all the difference in securing maximum reimbursement. So it was critical that they made the right decision when choosing the best partner to work with – a company that could ensure accurate coding and timely services. After comparing several service providers, the owner finally settled for Managed Outsource Solutions. She chose us because of our wide-ranging proficiency in the various elements of medical coding. Our reputation for providing compliant coding solutions of exceptional accuracy was another factor in our favor. We were excited about working with her and supporting the process of her company’s growth.

After she entrusted us with the project, we immediately organized a team complete with manager and project lead to meet the company's specific requirements. The entire project was managed in a very systematic way with timely claim submission, efforts to reduce the number of claim denials and stringent quality auditing. Combining these and other factors, we were able to provide the company with quality and cost-effective medical coding solutions. We offered a 24 hour TAT which we strictly adhered to. After the initial two months, medical coding accuracy was in the 99 percent range.


The client saw a 50 percent increase in collections within the first three months. She is very happy with our services. She stated that after reviewing our coding, she realized her team was under-coding procedures. She also understood that the charts should have been coded to a higher specificity to ensure higher reimbursement. The documentation in the charts supported higher level coding. We at MOS once again has reason to be proud of the dedicated efforts of our team.

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