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MOS Successfully Met the Challenging Transcription Demands of a Clinical Neurologist

Managed Outsource Solutions is a BPO firm that provides accurate and affordable medical transcription services for all major medical specialties.

The client this time is an elderly clinical neurologist specialized in providing non-surgical procedures, and whose practice is research driven. The client performs clinical testing and reports his testing results to national programs by comparing new medications to placebos for their efficiency in a given diagnosis.


Our client, who has been in practice for over 50 years, was in need of a new transcriptionist. His regular transcriptionist who had been with him for more than nine years was about to retire. An urgency arose and the transcriptionist had to leave even earlier than expected. The doctor was horrified as he was not used to change in personnel.

The doctor had a unique manner of dictating - sometimes beginning with patient signs and symptoms and jumping to their social history, and then returning to their physical condition. It is an unorganized collection of thoughts, although each portion is extremely important. His requirement was to find a willing transcription partner who could understand his unique ways of dictating, and also go through a year?s worth of typed documents in order to ascertain how the completed items should look upon return.

Realizing that they needed to fill this position, the client contacted MOS to help with their transition.


MOS provided the doctor with a Free Trial and he was impressed with our ability to follow his customizations during dictation.


The client was very happy with MOS? services. The client is now approaching MOS for all his transcription needs, and we have caught him up to date on his transcription. He continues to customize his dictation and we continue to transcribe it for him.

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